What is a Podcast:

In the age of the digital era, podcasts have a growing channel that helps to represent your thoughts to the audience. Nowadays people prefer to listen than to read a long article. Any content which is in form of audio, we can call the podcast. As if this article which you are reading is in writing form. It is similar to a radio show, but it can be heard here by putting on-Demand or any podcast as per your wish. Podcasts consist of a series of audio episodes or programs in which a topic is discussed or knowledge of a topic is shared. Most podcasts are in the form of audio, in addition, there are video podcasts. There are many websites and apps available for listening to podcasts today.


Types of Podcast:

Script Podcast:

A scripted podcast (also known as a “narrative podcast”) is similar to a radio play but in podcast form. They give a fictional story, which usually uses multiple voice actors, dialogue, sound effects, and music to enrich the story. Scripted podcasts have attracted many famous actors as voice talent, scripted podcasts cover a full range of literary genres ranging from romance, comedy, and drama to fantasy, sci-fi, and detective fiction.

Podcast Novel:

A podcast novel is like a story audiobook, a literary form that merges the ideas of podcasts and audiobooks. Episodes are distributed automatically through a website, blog, or other syndication methods. Episodes may be released at a regular time, for example, once a week, or randomly upon completion of each episode.

In the same way as an audiobook, some podcast novels are recited elaborately with sound effects and different voice actors for each character, similar to a radio play or scripted podcast, but many have narration and some have no sound effect.


Video Podcast:

A video podcast is also called a vodcast usually has video content. OTT(Over The Top) platforms are an example of a video podcast. For example, the serial Dead and Days, a dark comedy about zombies released from October 31, 2003, through 2004, usually considered the first video podcast.


Live Podcast:

A number of podcasts are recorded for a total or specific episode in front of a live audience. Ticket sales give podcasters an additional method of monetization. Live shows or live tours of celebrities are examples of this kind of podcast. For example, other events including the London Podcast Festival, SF Sketchfest regularly give podcasters a platform to perform live to an audio audience.


How To Host Podcast:

host podcast


The idea of starting a podcast is very important. The first stage to start a podcast is a good idea about the podcast.


Choose a topic:

The topic is very important for your podcast, so finding a good topic is your second step. For example, if your podcast is about a horror story, name it accordingly.


Choose co-host:

If you have a friend or business partner host with you, invite him to come with you.



Make a plan, how long your program will last. You should decide the format according to your needs.



Talking about style means the way you podcast for a particular topic.


Episode format:

The episode is like give time for the intro music, then welcome, and then podcast.


Podcasting Server:

Telling about some of the top free podcasting web hosting servers. With the help of which, you can get a good start by stepping into the podcast.

  • Anchor
  • Buzzsprout
  • Transistor
  • Podbean
  • Speaker
  • Captive


How To Improve Your Podcast Skill:

Audience and Niche:

While podcasting, you should focus on a particular group of people. It is very important that you know your audience and niche well, as your topics and all marketing efforts will be targeted towards them.


Speaking Skills:

Podcasters speak a lot, as podcasts are episodic series of audio or video files. Most can speak, but not everyone is attractive. To keep the audience engaged, good communication skill is required. Gradually this can be learned over time, and you will be able to develop a natural and smooth flow while speaking.


Address Empathy and Pain Points:

In addition to speaking, connecting with the audience requires learning empathy. While doing podcasts, there is also a need to build an effective relationship with your audience. Because this is one of the things that make them crazy about you.

Keep your content relevant and useful to your audience and they will keep coming back to you. They will see you as someone who offers something they need every time to address your pain points.


Use Voice To Express Feelings:

Good podcasters are settled. You need to learn the art of using your voice to express your feelings, make your episodes fun, and entice listeners. Otherwise, if you speak in a monotone you will sound like a robot and it will not be attractive at all. This will not be easy but can be learned over time. The more you do podcasting, the more you will learn the art of speaking with emotion.


Time Management:

It is great to watch or listen to an episode, but it takes a lot of work to produce a quality show on a regular basis. If you promise new content on a particular day of the week, then you have to fulfill your promise on time. So just imagine the effort put into it.



Another challenging part of podcasting is that you have to collaborate with others. Especially if you get interviewed. You have to work on your schedule and around them, so you must learn to be flexible. Advanced podcasters are good at bending without breaking their program and this is a skill you need to learn.


Tips To Grow Your Podcast:

These are the things you need for a successful podcaster. Master your speaking skills, listen with empathy, and speak with emotion. In addition, learn to create interesting and fun interview questions for your guests, continue to promote your podcasts, and keep your super listeners as they can help your audience grow. You can also promote your podcast on your blog, website, or social media. You can also expand yourself through your audience, working with other podcasters or social media influencers.

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In the age of the digital era, podcasts have a growing channel that helps to represent your thoughts to the audience. Nowadays people prefer to listen than to read a long article. Any content which is in form of audio, we can call the podcast.
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